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Zeolite is recognized as an environmentally friendly deodorizer and it has been shown scientifically to reduce ammonia in chicken litter. Zeolite functions to absorb and bind solid particles, liquids and gases from chicken manure in its unique honeycomb structure, decreasing harmful ammonia vapors in the coop.

Zeolite is a powdered, silica-based product that absorbs water and nutrients, so it also increases growth yields. This is an environmentally friendly mineral that detoxifies soil, curbs leaching and acts as a strong fertilizer booster

  • A silica-based product
  • Absorbs water and nutrients
  • Increases growth yields
  • Silica-based, environmentally friendly and safe
  • Soaks up water and nutrients
  • Detoxifies soil, curbs leaching and boosts fertilizer
  • Works for all plant types
  • Holds nutrients in soil, reduces nutrient presence in runoff
  • Keeps soil amendments healthy
  • All-natural, low carbon footprint, helps curb climate change
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