Cattle Grower

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Pink Rose Organix
Organic Cattle Grower Feed 16.5% Pellet

Item # 77714

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Midds, Organic Wheat, Organic Roasted Soybean, Salt, Limestone, Magnesium, Oxide, Cattle Premix (trace Minerals and Vitamins).

Origin: United States of America

Shelf Life: Four (4) Months

Package Size: 40lbs

Feeding Instructions:  Both Finisher and Grower are supplemental feed rations to be fed with pasture or hay. Feed the Grower at a rate of 5.8 pounds per head per day and fee the Finishers at a rate of 5.6 pounds per head per day (or as recommended by your nutritionist), Store in a cool dry location free of pests. Do not feed is moldy or infested.



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