Organic Fed Eggs

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Inspire Farms Organic Soy/Corn Free Fed Eggs

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Inspire Farms - Organic, soy free, corn free fed nest run eggs. Collected daily from happy hens.

Our small family flock is fed only Modesto Milling soy free corn free feeds. Because we have different breeds with different nutritional requirements we use several different types of feed to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

Our favorite feeds include:

For the fluffy chicks we are always hatching Organic Soy free Corn free Chick Starter Crumbles.

For our laying girls who provide the most awesome eggs, we offer Organic Corn free Soy free Layer Pellets

And for our huggable Serama, the world's smallest chicken breed, we offer  Organic Soy free Corn free Layer Crumbles


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