Mixy Chicks

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We have lots of chicks and pullets on our farm that are a barnyard mix. Barnyard mix chicks are strong and healthy birds that lay big eggs. And many of the eggs they lay will be olive colored.

  • Straight run (not sexed) chicks only
  • Barnyard Mix chicks: $5.00 each
  • Pullets $10 to $15 each
  • Hens $20 to $30 each

Our current Rooster is a Specked Sussex named Charming. He's a friendly giant. So if all goes well these babies will be friendly.

The eggs we choose to hatch are collected from. Sussex hens, Easter Egger hens and Leghorn Hens. So you should realize olive or light cream colored eggs and lots of them. We cannot guarantee egg colors. And there is always a chance an offspring could lay a brown egg, as we cannot predict genetics with the Barnyard Mix. 

When posted, these chicks are available and in the shop. Order online and pick up in the shop. We ask that you pick up within 24 hr of purchase, when the shop is open or by apportionment.

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