Haws Bees Almond Honey 42oz

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Cactus Blossom 100% Raw Honey

Last Harvest: June 2021

100% Raw, unfiltered Honey made by Haws Rescue Bees with Zero Sugars added.  Our Honey is always stored in BPA-Free glass jars (never plastic). 

We harvest right here in our hometown on Mesa, Arizona where we AND our bees are.

Color: Orangy-Golden, slightly darker than a pure Orange Blossom honey. Lighter than Clover honey (the most common kind of honey harvested in the USA)


Flavor: Flavor is the most similar to Cane Sugar of all our honeys. Replace white sugar with this honey in crystalized form in Recipes 1:1 with great results.

Pollen Particle Content: Unheard Of.

 Instructions for crystalized honey:

Honey crystalizes naturally overtime and is a sign of quality, pure honey.  To preserve the quality of raw honey we suggest against microwaving honey to soften crystals.  Instead we suggest a bowl filled with warm water to soak the jar in or if you need it in a hurry a double boiler on a low stove setting should keep the temperature low enough to not kill any of the beneficial ingredients.

Preserve the naturally impressive shelf life of your honey by protecting the open jar from water. 

Fun Fact: Did you know archeologists in Egypt find honey in tombs that is still completely edible. The crystallization of honey is the natural preservation process it goes through and because of the sugar content and nature of honey it has the potential to last forever! AKA don't worry about it going bad befoer you use it ;)

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