AZ Concealed Carry - CCW

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Next Class is planned for September. Please join our mailing list to be notified for the next class date.

Arizona DPS approved class held at Inspire Farms.

This class includes sections of law and legal aspects, decision making, basic safety, mental preparation. This class also has a live fire portion with qualifications of 5 rounds at 5 yards and 5 rounds at 10 yards. While Arizona no longer requires a Concealed Carry Permit, this 8 hour class provides valuable training as well as many other benefits such as being recognized in many other states. Discounted fingerprinting will be available the day of the class (two cards, a $35 value) for $20. Please note that if your hands are very arthritic, or if you have unusually fine fingerprints, we may be unable to roll your prints and you may need to have them taken digitally at a later date.

All other documentation is included in the price of class tuition.

**If you do not have a firearm, you do not have to rush out and buy one for this class. Since you will be learning this will be an excellent opportunity to try a few and make an informed decision on what you would like to buy. We have a few different options for training / trial weapons. Rental for $10 a day and ammo is included.

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