Grain Free Dry Cat Food

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AvoDerm Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 5lb

Fill your kitty’s bowl with the flavorful nutrition of the AvoDerm Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. These crunchy bites don’t skimp on flavor or nutrients since they’re packed with high-quality protein as the first ingredient, and everything cats need to look and feel their best—like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential taurine—not to mention the whisker-licking flavors. Plus, it's made with avocados and avocado oil, a superfood rich in omegas that helps boost skin and coat health from the inside out.

Key Benefits

  • Protein is the first ingredient for the high-quality protein natural carnivores need, with no grains or fillers.
  • Made with omega-rich avocado to support skin and coat health.
  • Picky eaters love the tasty flavors in every crunchy kibble bite.
  • Provides a complete and balanced diet since it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and taurine.
  • No corn, wheat, soy, grains, by-product meals or fillers to maintain happy tummies
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