Organic Non-GMO Feed

At Inspire Farms, we take organic feed seriously. We choose to work only with companies who feel the same way when it comes to providing quality feed for your flock and backyard farms.

We take the extra effort to make sure the foods we eat are organic, so it just makes sense that the food we feed our animals is also organic. Fresh pasture raised eggs aren’t enough. We also want them to be free of GMOs.

We found and partnered with Modesto Milling last year, because they feel the same way we do about organic feed. Gaining their first organic certification from Oregon Tilth of Corvallis, Oregon in January 1998, Modesto Milling became the first organic grain processor in Central California. And 99% of the ingredients they use are organic or naturally mined products.

And at Inspire Farms we take pride in the fact that our clients and backyard farmers tell us how the feeds we provide have increased their animal’s health, well being and production.

Our Current Feed Offerings include:

Organic Non-GMO Soy-free Corn-free Poultry and Game Bird feed

Organic Livestock feed

Organic Rabbit feed

Single Ingredient Grains

Supplements, Minerals Herbs

We love our animals and fresh organic eggs. So Organic Non-GMO feed is what we choose of our farm.