Thank you for choosing our little shop. We appreciate you. And to keep doing what we’re doing, making it easy to find organic feed, it would benefit us to know what other items we can offer you. Don’t be shy, tell us how we can grow for you 🙂

This is our Special Order Organic Feed and Minerals List. Plan ahead it can take up 1 to 3 weeks before your special order items arrive. When you know what you want, give us a call and we’ll get things rolling. And should some the items you like to order become a regular thing, we’ll add them to the monthly order and stock them just for you 🙂  480-478-2616

Special Order List

6024 Chick Starter and Grower Crumbles 22% protein

5998 Layer Pellet 17% protein

5997 Layer Pellet 17% protein

5098 Layer Crumbles 17% protein

5097 Layer Crumbles 17% protein

6100 Finisher Pellet 17% protein

5051 Turkey Starter Crumbles 28% protein



5039 Scratch cracked corn, whole wheat, milo & sunflower seed

6020 Layer Pellet 17% protein

975 Layer Crumbles 17% protein

6021 Chick Starter/Grower Crumbles 22% protein

6022 Finisher Pellet 17% protein



5615 Layer Pellet 17% protein

5618 Chick Starter/Grower Crumbles 22% protein

5066 Whole Grain Layer 18% protein 50lb

5067 Whole Grain Layer 18% protein 25lb



5621 Horse Supplement Pellet 25lb

675 Horse PLUS textured feed blend 50lb

5030 Goat Dairy Pellet 16% protein  50lb

5040 Dairy /Livestock Pellets Soy-Free 13.5% protein  50lb

5042 Dairy Ewe & Lamb Pellet 15.2% protein 50lb

5006 Hog Grower Pellet 15% protein 50lb



5863 Alfalfa Pellet 50lb

5840 Barley, whole 50lb

5912 Corn, whole 50lb

5922 Corn, cracked 50lb

5949 Flax Seed, whole 50lb

5856 Milo, whole 50lb

5860 Oats, whole 50lb

5857 Peas, whole 50lb

5851 Soybean Meal, mechanically pressed 50lb

073 Sunflower Seed, black oil whole 25lb

5942 Wheat, whole 50lb



5972 Diatomaceous Earth, food grade 50lb

300 Grit – mineral grey 25lb

301 Grit – bird health Blue 25lb

302 Grit – pigeon mineral Red 50lb

215 Kelp Meal 50lb

5980 Redmond Salt 44lb Blocks

5988 Redmond Conditioner Natural Clay 50lb

5981 Redmond Selenium 90 44lb Blocks

5982 Redmond Rock 7 to 10lbs each

5983 Redmond Red Edge Goat Mineral 25lb bags 25lb

5958 Sodium Bicarbonate Natural Soda 50lb

5957 Zeolite 50lb