Inspire Farms Organic Alfalfa Pellets

Organic Alfalfa Pellets, the Gardener’s Secret

Since we started offering organic feeds to our friends and neighbors, the use of organic alfalfa pellets as a soil amendment and fertilizer has been a frequently asked question. Alfalfa pellets are most often sold as a feed for horses and goats, but many master gardeners have sought us out solely for their gardening needs. In the last 3 years I’ve met some awesome organic growers in Arizona and I’ve asked a lot of questions. Below is what I’ve learned about using alfalfa pellets in your garden:

New Country Organics at Inspire Farms

Try Out New Country Organics

Hello everybody! We are going to add a new line of feed to our offerings. I have had 3 or 4 people ask me about New Country Organics so we’re gonna give it a shot! New Country’s feeds are organic and non-gmo and they offer a corn/soy free option. The big difference is their feeds are made of cracked and milled grain, supplemented with kelp, organic alfalfa and mineral nutrients.