Order Organic Feed Reminder

February Feed Order

It’s Time to Order Organic Feed Our next feed order will be submitted February 8th 2018! Order feed online anytime between now and February 8th and your feed will arrive in our shop the following week. Once your feed order arrives will notify you by email, so you can stop in anytime Monday through Friday,…

Order Feed by January 11 2018

January Feed Order

It’s Time to Order Some Organic Feed Our next feed order will be submitted January 11th 2018! Order online anytime between now and January 11th and your feed will arrive in the shop the following week. We will notify you by email when your order is ready for pick up. Once your feed order arrives…

New Country Organics at Inspire Farms

Try Out New Country Organics

Hello everybody! We are going to add a new line of feed to our offerings. I have had 3 or 4 people ask me about New Country Organics so we’re gonna give it a shot! New Country’s feeds are organic and non-gmo and they offer a corn/soy free option. The big difference is their feeds are made of cracked and milled grain, supplemented with kelp, organic alfalfa and mineral nutrients.

Chickne Math Meet-Up April 2017

Chicken Math Meet-Up

We are hosting the Chicken Math Club Meet-Up next Saturday, April 22nd, right here at Inspire Farms! Not sure what chicken math is? Check out their group and join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chicken.math/. The bottom line, for most people who get into chicken-keeping is once you get a few chickens they just seem to multiply… The Chicken…

Rabbit Rescue and Bunny Adoptions

Tux Rabbit

A family in Tempe AZ called us and said a sweet black bunny showed up in our backyard. They think it’s possible their neighbor moved out and left him behind. 🙁 This guy, we now call Tux Rabbit, is sweet and gentle. He is a curious bunny who is easily picked up for hugs and…

Humphrey the rabbit - avilable for adoption

Humphrey Rabbit

Humphrey is a super sweet, shy guy. He loves a firm squeeze and kisses. Loving attention is needed with lots of pets. He is a medium size mix breed with beautiful black circles around both eyes.  We like to call him the 3 eared bunny because at some point he must have had an altercation…